Whatever happened to etiquette on the bowling green’?

    I get upset about the lack of courtesy shown to bowlers on the mat during a game. Talking to a team member while another player is about to roll; moving one’s arms to point at some bird, airplane or over at another rink; walking away just when a person is about to roll. All of these behaviors are a violation of lawn bowling etiquette. And, are terribly devoid of common courtesy.

    These disruptions often cause the bowler on the mat to stop and take more time to get refocused. To me it’s poor sportsmanship.

    At tournaments, even though the players are engaged in heavy duty competition they nonetheless demonstrate common green courtesy to one another. Do social bowlers have to be a member of the U.S. Team to act properly and courteously. It should be common practice at every club green, tournament or social game, not to talk, walk, move, point or stand in a disruptive manner when another player is on the mat.

    Myself? I often turn off my hearing aid to stay focused. But for all the pointing, walking and other movements, I still have to wait until they stop.

    The new Laws of the Sport of Bowls specifically address these disturbance issues and much more in Section 8, laws 43 and 44.

Jim Walker
Long Beach

The above is from "The GREEN JACK" Fall 2004 issue which is published by the Southwest Division of the USLBA.