Wesley Stead Johnson

March 14, 1931  to  December 31, 2015

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Both Wes and I were born "over the pond" - Wesley in the town of Shurburn, County Durham, England.  After Wes's father, a monumental sculptor, died at age 55 the family relocated to Barnsley, Yorkshire. 
    The eventful meeting of Wes and I came about in a Ballroom. I had returned to Sheffield to stay with my aunt for a while and that is where I met this "dashing young man" who proceeded to sweep me off  my feet and persuaded me to marry him.
    We married in 1957 and together bought a "Sweet and Tobacconist" shop in Darnel - a small town in Sheffield.  This wasn't exciting enough for Wes and so our next venture was the running of a service station.  We did that for about 3 years and after our son was born decided to go and seek new pasture back in Bournemouth (by the Sea) where Wesley got a position as manager of a Jaguar car agency. I wanted to work again and we decided to go into the hotel business, which would give me time to be with my children and to help run the hotel/pub, at the same time. But after a number of years (that is a hard and difficult occupation) our feet started to itch again and we decided to retire to Spain.  We joined a bowling club there and had a great life, but we decided to sell our house in Spain and visit our son in America after which we intended to go back to Spain and buy a "condo" overlooking the ocean. We honestly did intend to return to Spain but you Americans were so charming and good to us that we bought a house in this wonderful country and decided to stay. 
    Cherry Valley, California was our new location. Beautiful spot but HOT, HOT, HOT! We were fortunate enough to become legally entitled to stay in this country and eventually became American citizens.  We decided we would like to be closer to family and began to look at Oxnard. On one of our visits here we called at the Oxnard Lawn bowling Club.  Dave Jones was at the club that morning and gave us a glowing talk about the club and the people, and consequently we decided that we wanted to live in Oxnard and to join the club.  We recently (2007) celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Wes and Ann had been members of the Oxnard-Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club from 2004 through 2010.

Wes celebrates his new US Citizenship


Wesley and Ann Johnson