March 31, 2018

  On March 31, 2018 Oxnard sent 10 bowlers to Holmby Park LBC.  As usual we had a great time, if not completly victorius, day of bowling.  10 players from Oxnard participated making three triples teams and one extra on a mixed team.  Linda Westray played vice with a mixed team of Newport and Holmby players.  Newport LBC also had three triples teams playing, and Holmby Park had 4 teams on hand.

Sandy Rankin and Marquita Otineru proved to be victorious in their match.  Our other two teams came up a little short and were defeated ny Holmby Park and Newport.  Linda's mixed team also won their match.  In the final count Oxnard and Newport both had one win while Holmby Park took full advantage of their home turf.

As is the tradition at Holmby Park we were treated to welcoming breakfast snacks of fruit and pastries with coffee and juice.  A full lunch was provided as well with pie and ice cream for desert.
by Peter Westray

Photos by  Sandy Rankin

Oxnard Teams 

Peter Westray
Ron Dawson
Jack Bucey
David Rankin
Kent Kirkton
Luke Wilson
Sandy Rankin
Debi Wilson
Marquita Otineru



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Combined group of Oxnard, Newport and Holmby Park LBC's

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L-R:  Peter and Linda Westray, Ron Dawson, Marquita Otineru,
Debi and Luke Wilson, Sandy Rankin, Jack Bucey and David Rankin.
Ron Dawson not shown in photo.

Building a head

Howard Horowitz, David Rankin and Rudy Uribe