Holmby Park at Oxnard

 June 1, 2019

On Saturday, June 1st Holmby Park LBC visited Oxnard and brought 22 members for our annual visitation.  The weather was
overcast and cool all day with a little mist in the morning.  We followed the usual pattern of our teams playing their teams in the morning.  We had all eight rinks full with triples teams.  Holmby Park was short two players so Oxnard loaned them Linda Westray and Bob Livermont to fill out their teams.  It was  reported to me that Oxnard won all eight games in the morning.  After the morning games we broke for lunch.  We had sandwiches, salads, several desserts and liquid refreshment.  After lunch we played five ten end  triples games of mixed teams from both clubs.  This is when we really get to know each other.  Pete and Linda Westray planned the visitation day.  Carol Smith, Marie Moore and Gloria Brown planned the food with the help of Julie Basler and Linda Westray along with help from several others that brought in food.  Also thanks for the help cleaning up from others as the afternoon games were underway. 

photos by Bob Smith


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Tom and Valerie Seres upon arrival.
Tom is the President of the Holmby Park LBC and has held that position for a long time.

Pete Westray has the checkin table all organized.
He handles visitations for the Oxnard LBC.

Morning mingle around the refreshment table. Ron Neef waving to the camera.

Everyone engaged in the morning triples games.

Krista Maeder returning the bowls to the mat.
Krista said she is the youngest Holmby Park member and bowling for just 4 months.

Jack Bucey, Raymond and Linus Raibys

Art and Donna Roberts and Gloria Brown
Check out the new club shirts.

Australian visitor Garry Dillon and Rich Purcell.

Guests and members line up for lunch.

Tom Seres and Pete Westray work together to setup the mixed teams after lunch.
Many Holmby Park visitors stayed after for five 10 end triples  games.

It was another fun visitation with Holmby Park LBC visiting Oxnard.