Holmby Park at Oxnard

 June 3, 2017

On Saturday, May 3rd Holmby Park LBC visited Oxnard and brought twelve members for our annual visitation.  The weather was outstanding and everyone was eager for a day of fun in the sun.  We followed the usual pattern of our teams playing their teams in the morning.  Four of their triples teams played four of our teams and we shared the wins.  After the morning games we broke for lunch.  We had sandwiches, salads, several desserts and liquid refreshment.  After lunch we played a ten end game of mixed teams from both clubs.  This is when we really get to know each other.  Pete and Linda Westray planned the visitation day.  Sandra Adame and Linda Westray planned the food along with help from several others that brought in food.  Also thanks for the help cleaning up from others as the afternoon games were underway. 

Note:  Sorry no bowling photos this time.  It looks like all we did was eat but actually I didn't get a chance to shoot any  bowling pictures because unlike most days I bowled  in the morning and afternoon.

photos by Bob Smith


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Holmby Park LBC President Tom Seres
and his wife Valerie as they arrive.

Peter Westray working on the team makeup as Conrad Bilodeau looks on.

Our visitors line up for lunch

Cecil Bator and Peter Barna getting something to drink.

Sandy Rankin working on the dessert table as Holmby Park members get their lunch.

Pinky Palladino and Debbie Tennant talk.

Looks like the lunch was good.

Demo Arevalo and Kent Kirkton relax After lunch.

It was another fun visitation with Holmby Park LBC visiting Oxnard.