Holmby Park at Oxnard

 June 4, 2016


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Make up of Oxnard teams
Leads Vices Skips
Sal Mollo
David Rankin
Steve Goodmanson
Mark Wilson
Wuhwa Hsu
Armand Escalante
Gloria Brown
Bob Smith
Mike Newton
Conrad B / Pinky P
Jerry Heidebrecht
Jordan Austin
Geoffrey Simpson
Dina Bongiovanni
Joe Brown
Tom Hodgins
Tony Bongiovanni
Amador Martinez

Priscilla Zarate

Demo Arevalo
Ron Zenone

Sandy Rankin

     Oxnard LBC had a good group of bowlers for our visit on Saturday, June 4th.  Holmby Park car-pooled to Oxnard with 18 eager bowlers . 
     The weather was cool in the morning for bowling but warmed up nicely  later for the rest of the day.
    A great lunch was set up for all bowlers.  We lunched on sandwiches, salads and a variety of desserts.  A big thank you to the ladies that made our lunch possible:  Carol Smith, Pinky Palladino, Sandy Rankin and Gloria Brown.   Good Job.
    There were six triples and two doubles games in the morning.  It is reported that Oxnard won seven of the games.  There is something to be said about knowing your own green.
    After lunch many stayed to play a second game made up of mixed team members.  This was a good opportunity to get to know each other better.

Photos by Bob Smith

Tom Seres ready to announce the Holmby Park teams

Carol and Bob Smith, Carol took care of all the food planning for the day.

Priscilla Zarate, Demo Arevalo and Dina Bongiovanni

Joe Brown, Geoff Simpson and Ron Zenone

Steve Goodmanson, Joe Brown and Carol Smith

Ted Burton, Louise Peralta and Pouran Mirtaheri ? 

Debbie Tennant and Linda Bator

Wuhwa Hsu, Conrad Bilodeau, Steve Goodmanson and Jordan Austin

Armand Escalante and Cecil Bator

Afternoon mixed games

Catherine Uribe on rink 3 and Tom Seres on rink 4, afternoon games

Conrad Bilodeau watches as Tom Seres follows his bowl in.

Rudy Uribe and Jordan Austin

Linda Lou Burton about to roll her bowl.

Ted Burton follows his bowl as Sandra Mironesco awaits her turn.

It was another fun visitation with Holmby Park LBC visiting Oxnard.