Oxnard Joslyn LBC

Women's Pairs Tournament

August 1, 2018

Format:  Three ten-end games.  Skips chose their vices by the luck of the draw method.

Scoring:  Winner determined by wins and plus points, with a ten point cap.

Eligibility:  Open to all women members of the Oxnard Joslyn LBC.

1st Place:  Sandy Rankin and Sandra Adame          3W+21
2nd Place:  Marquita Otineru and Linda Westray    2W+6

The other players in no particular order are: Donna Roberts, Susan Paddock, Gloria Brown and Debi Wilson.

Note:  The men's triples and the women's pairs tournaments were played at the same time on the same green.  The Men's scores show first on the scoreboard at the top.

We have a nice group of new members and the tournament was a good experience for them and everyone did quite well.

Photos by Bob Smith

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L - R: Gloria Brown, Debi Wilson, Linda Westray, Marquita Otineru,
Sandy Rankin, Sandra Adame, Donna Roberts and Susan Paddock


1st place:  Sandy Rankin, Sandra Adame   3W+21 points


2nd place:  Marquita Otineru and Linda Westray   2W+6 points.

Scoreboard for the day.