Vet-Novice Pairs Tournament

February 19 , 2020

Open to all novice and veteran bowlers.  Teams had to have one veteran and one novice player, mixed or matched. Three 10-end games. Winner determined by wins and plus points with a 7 point cap. If there is a tie after three games the winner will be determined by total points.  6 teams made up of 12 players were entered.   Teams made up by luck of the draw.  The weather was warm and comfortable.

1st place:   Peter Westray and Gary Davidson            3 W + 16 points     
2nd place:  Gloria Brown and Ken Paddock                2 W + 7  points     

Photos by Bob Smith
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Jordan Austin giving tournament instructions.

1st1st Place:  Peter Westray and Gary Davidson

2nd Place:  Gloria Brown and Ken Paddock

Carol Smith and Linda Westray

Bob Livermont, Ken Paddock and Jack Bucey

Herb Smith and Gloria Brown

Jerry Beatty checks for point while Joel  Ackerson gets a birdseye view.

Scoreboard VetNov 2020

Other Teams in no particular order

Vet Novice
Denny Ryan
Joel Ackerson
Steve Goodmanson
Susan La Croix
Herb Smith
Bob Livermont
Jack Bucey
Jerry Beatty