Vet-Novice Pairs Tournament

March 11, 2019

Open to all novice and veteran bowlers.  Teams had to have one veteran and one novice player, mixed or matched. Three 10-end games. Winner determined by wins and plus points with a 10 point cap. If there is a tie after three games the winner will be determined by total points.  10 teams made up of 20 players were entered.   Teams made up by luck of the draw.  The weather was cool and we were lucky to get the tournament in between rain storms.  It turned cold and windy for the last game.
The first three places are as follows:

1st place:   Peter Westray and Jack Bucey            3 W + 22 points     
2nd place:  Jim Matlock and Bert  Weingart           3 W + 19  points     
2rd place:  Wuhwa Hsu and Susan Porath             3 W + 19 points

Note: The two second place teams still had a tie using total points so they decided to settle with a tie.

Photos by Bob Smith
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Jordan Austin giving tournament instructions.

1st1st Place:  Jack Bucey and Peter Westray

2nd Place:  Bert Weingart and Jim Matlock

2nd Place:  Wuhwa Hsu and Susan Porath

Getting started in the morning

Jerry Beatty and Bert Weingart working at measuring

Susan La Croix waiting her turn to bowl

Tournament Cheerleaders Linda Westray and Carol Smith

Ken Paddock demonstrates great form

Jerry Beatty about to release his bowl under the sharp eye of Bert Weingart

Sandy Rankin brought the perfect jacked for a windy day


Scoreboard for the day

Other Teams
Vet Novice
Sandy Rankin
Ken Paddock
Ken Roth
Susan LaCroix
Gloria Brown
Robert Deal
Denny Ryan
Virgil Lockhart
Geoff Simpson
Jerry Porath
Dee Press
Jerry Beatty
Jordan Austin
Debi Wilson