October 24 & 26, 2018

FORMAT:       Three ten-end games.  Teams composed of at least one man and one woman.  The skips chose their vices and leads by the luck of the draw method.  The first two games were played on Oct 24th and the third game on Oct 26.

SCORING:   Winner determined by wins and "plus points", with a 10 point difference cap.  Burned ends not replayed. Ties decided by an 11th end.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all club members.

Six teams competed. Players were: Team #1:Pete Westray, Geoff Simpson, Linda Westray, Team #2: Gloria Brown, Herb Smith, Bert Weingart, Team #3: Rich Purcell, Sandra Adame,Debi Wilson, Team #4: Jack Bucey, Susan Paddock, Sal Mollo, Team #5: Denny Ryan, CJ Juengst, Ken Paddock, Team #6: Sandy Rankin, Kent Kirkton, Dee Press. Note:  Sandy Rankin was sick for the third game and couldn't play so Wuhwa Hsu filled in for her
A special thanks to our Tournament Chairman Jordan Austin for all his work in assembling the teams for our last tournament of the year.
Note:  Jack Bucey sat in on the tournament organizating to see how it is done and then  ran the third game in Jordan's absence.

Photos by Bob Smith

Denny Ryan checks his score card.  Jordan Austin calls the next skip to pick a card.  Jack Bucey marks the luck of the draw teams on the scoreboard.
Looks like halloween is just around the corner.

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Back row L-R:  Herb Smith, Kent Kirkton, Pete Westray, CJ Juengst, Jack Bucey, Geoff Simpson, Denny Ryan, Ken and Susan Paddock
Front row L-R:  Sandra Adame, Linda Westray, Debi Wilson, Dee Press, Sal Mollo, Rich Purcell, Bert Weingart, Gloria Brown, Sandy Rankin.

1st Place:  Gloria Brown, Bert Weingart and Herb Smith

2nd Place:  Sandra Adame, Rich Purcell ??, Debi Wilson

Teams 1 and 5 tied for 3rd Place with 1W-2 each.

Sandra Adame, very photogenic

CJ Juengst, isn't this a nice picture

Another nice day on the green.  Sure beats working for a living.

Top two teams

W +Pts
Gloria Brown
Herb Smith
Bert Weingart
  3W + 18
Rich Purcell
Sandra Adame
Debi Wilson
2W + 7