Mixed Pairs Tournament

September 27, 2017


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Back L-R:  Denny Ryan, Demo Arevalo, Nancy White, Kent Kirkton, Priscilla Zarate,
Mike Basler, Doris Sneddon, Ron Dawson, Linda Westray, Julie Basler, Donna Roberts,
Art Roberts, Linda Lockhart, Wuhwa Hsu, Gloria Brown and Sandra Adame.
Front L-R:  Peter Westray, Mike Newton, George Trainer and Sandy Rankin

Sandy Rankin, Peter Westray
3 wins and 23 +pts
Wuhwa Hsu, Julie Basler
3  wins and 18 +pts 2nd
Mike Newton, Linda Lockhart
3 wins and 15 + pts
Other teams in no particular order were:  Gloria Brown and Demo Arevalo, Sandra Adame and Denny Ryan, Nancy White and Kent Kirkton, Ron Dawson and Linda Westray, Art and Donna Roberts, Priscilla Zarate and George Trainer, Mike Basler and Doris Sneddon.

The tournament format was three 10 end games and teams were formed by luck of the draw.  The weather was clear and not too warm.

Note:  Members need to be on time and dressed properly in whites.

 photos by Bob Smith

Tournament Chairman Jordan Austin explains the luck of the draw
team selections and covers the rules.

Jordan Austin writng down the scores.  Mike Newton saying something like OMG.

Taking a lunch break between 2nd and 3rd game.

Donna Roberts directs movement of the jack while Demo Arevalo looks on.

Mike Newton shows us there is more than one way to skin a cat (so to speak).

1st Place:  Peter Westray and Sandy Rankin

2nd Place:  Wuhwa Hsu and Julie Basler (It's always fun to place).

3rd Place:  Mike Newton and Linda Lockhart

Scoreboard for the day