Aussie Pairs Tournament

June 24, 2022

Australian Pairs or 2-4-2 This is a variation of a pairs game with a change in the bowling order.  Leads bowl 2 bowls,  skips bowl 4 bowls, then leads complete  their last 2.  This means that you are changing position on every end.  Leads become skips on the next end and then skips become leasds.

The tournament was 3 ten end games.  If the jack is knocked out of bounds it is respotted on the rink centerline and 2 metres from the front ditch and play continued.  A tie game will play one extra end to break the tie.  There will be a 7 point max per game.  If there is a tie at the end of the tournament total points are used to determine the winner.
The winners were:
   1st Pl:  Ken Paddock,  Jack Bucey              3W + 18
   2nd Pl:  Linus Raibys, Steve Goodmanson   2W + 11
   3rd Pl:  Linda Westray, Mike Newton           2W + 2

The other teams in no particular order were: Dick Gibson and Art Roberts, Sherry Creager and Jerry Beatty,  Gloria Brown and Peter Westray

Photos by Bob Smith

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L - R:  Ken Paddock, Jack Bucey, Art Roberts, Jerry Beatty, Linus Raibys, Linda Westray,
Mike Newton, Peter Westray, Steve Goodmanson, Dick Gibson, Sherry Creager and Gloria Brown.

1st Place:  Ken Paddock and Jack Bucey

2nd Place:  Steve Goodmanson and Linus Raibys

3rd Place:  Linda Westray and Mike Newton

Jack Bucey starts off with trial ends

Steve Goodmanson checks for points as Mike Newton mugs for the camera

Art Roberts and Jerry Beatty

Linus Raibys and Linda Westray

Gloria Brown smiles as Ken Paddock keeps an eye on his partner

Mike Newton is doing well with his hacksaw delivery device.

Carol Smith and Ron Creager watch as the tournament is ending.

Aussie Pairs Tournament scoreboard