Aussie Pairs Tournament

August 27, 2021

Australian Pairs or 2-4-2 This is a variation of a pairs game with a change in the bowling order.  Leads bowl 2 bowls,  skips bowl 4 bowls, then leads complete  their last 2.  This means that you are changing position on every end.  Leads become skips on the next end and then skips become leasds.

The tournament was 3 ten end games.  If the jack is knocked out of bounds it is respoted on the rink centerline and 2 metres from the front ditch and play continued.  A tie game will play one extra end to break the tie.  There will be a 7 point max per game.  If there is a tie at the end of the tournament total points are used to determine the winner.

There was one tie in the second game where Dick Gibson and Ken Paddock beat Lenny and Susan LaCroix.

The winners were:
   1st Pl:  Mike Newton and Gloria Brown           3W + 20
   2nd Pl:  Steve Goodmanson and Art Roberts   3W + 17
   3rd Pl:  Jack Bucey and  Donna Roberts        2W + 4

A Very Special Note:   Joe Brown's birthday was on tournament day. I think his spirit inspired Gloria in her win with Mike Newton.

Photos by Bob Smith

Tournament Chairman Jack Bucy arrainging luck of the draw teams

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L to R:  Ken Roth, Herb Smith, Lenny LaCroix, Art Roberts,  Jack Bucey
Susan LaCroix, Steve Goodmanson, Bob Livermont, Rich Purcell, Donna Roberts,
Linus Raibys, Mike Newton, Susan Paddock, Brian Fenton, Ken Paddock,
Pete Westray, Gloria Brown, Jerry Beatty, Kathy Corona, Linda Westray
Mark Wilson, Dee Prerss, Dick Gibson, Gary Davidson

1st Place:  Mike Newton and Gloria Brown

2nd Place:  Steve Goodmanson and Art Roberts

3rd Place:  Donna Roberts and Jack Bucey

Peter Westray and Jerry Beatty look things over

Bob Livermont delivers his bowl with great enthusiasm

Brian Fenton and Herb Smith

Ken Paddock and Kathy Corona

Linda Westray and Gloria Brown mugging for the camera

Susan LaCroix and Gloria Brown during their last game

Aussie Pairs Tournament scoreboard