August 26, 2020

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all Oxnard LBC male members.  Twelve players signed up and played three 10-end games.  There was a 7 point cap on each game.

The first three places were as follows:
     1st Place:   Steve Goodmanson    3 W + 21 points.
     2nd Place:  Art Roberts                 3 W + 18 points.
     3rd Place:   Mike Newton              3 W + 14 points.
Our tournament chairman Jordan Austin put on another great club tournament with six rinks full.  From very experienced members to some new members, all took part and enjoyed the games.

Thanks to the markers for their help.  They are a very  important part of singles play.  Markers were Susan Paddock, Jordan Austin, Sandy Rankin, Marie Moore, Susan LaCroix and Donna Roberts

Photos by  Jordan Austin and Bob Smith

Jordan Austin explains tournament rules

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L to R:  Dick Gibson, Brian Fenton, Art Roberts, Bob Livermont, Jerry Beatty, Mike Newton, Jack Bucey, Herb Smith, Linus Raibys, Steve Goodmanson, Denny Ryan and Ken Paddock

Starting trial ends

First three place winners
Art Roberts, Stevegoodmanson and Mike Newton

1st Place:  Steve Goodmanson

Scoreboard for the day