August 6, 2021

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all Oxnard LBC male members.  Twelve players signed up and played three 10-end games.  There was a 7 point cap on each game.

The first three places were as follows:
     1st Place:   Rich Purcell         3 W + 17 points.
     2nd Place:  Mike Newton       3 W + 11 points.
     3rd Place:   Ken Paddock       2 W +  7 points.
Note:  Using the 7 point cap on each game, there was a tie for 3rd place between Steve Goodmanson and Ken paddock. The tie was broken by using total points.  This allowed Ken one more point giving him the 3rd place win.
Our tournament chairman Jack Bucey put on a great club  tournament with six rinks full.  From very experienced members to some new members, all took part and enjoyed the games.

Thanks go the the markers:  Susan LACroix, Susan Paddock, Sandy Rankin, Marie Moore, Linda Westray and Herb Smith and Dick Gibson who split the duty.

Photos by  Bob Smith and Mark Wilson

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L-R:  Ken Paddock, Lenny LaCroix, Bob Livermont, Mike Newton, Gary Davidson, Rich Purcell, Pete Westray, Jack Bucey, Steve Goodmanson, Jerry Beatty, Bryan Fenton, Bob Fleur

Rich Purcell and Dick Gibson talk before the tournament

1st Place:  Rich Purcell

2nd Place:  Mike Newton

3rd Place:  Ken Paddock

On the bank, Mark Wilson takes photos and notes for the next club newsletter

There were several one point games.  Very good competition overall.  In the 2nd game Lenny LaCroix and Jack Bucey were tied after 10 ends.  Lenny won the playoff  by 10-9.

Here is an unusual home made bowls pickup tool by Bryan Fenton.

Marker Marie Moore using the club 2 Metre stick  to place the jack.

Pete and Linda Westray and Joyce and Bryan Fenton enjoy their lunch during a short break between the second and third games.

The next three photos show the different positions members use when measuring for point.  Notice the attention being given by the non-measuring players.

Steve Goodmanson and Jerry Beatty

Ken Paddock and Gary Davidson

Lenny LaCroix and Jack Bucey

Tournament Scoreboard