Men's Pairs Tournament

August 1, 2018

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L-R rear: Pete Westray, Herb Smith, Linus Raibys, Steve Goodmanson, Rich Purcell
Jack Bucey, Denny Ryan, Wuhwa Hsu amd Mike Basler.
L-R front:  Art Roberts, Ken Roth and Jordan Austin.

6 teams (12 members) participated in the tournament.

Wuhwa Hsu, Jack Bucey
3 wins +6
Denny Ryan, Ken Roth
2 wins +7 2nd

All teams chosen by luck of the draw: The other teams were: Pete Westray and Herb Smith, Jordan Austin and Mike Basler, Art Roberts and Linus Raibys, Rich Purcell and Steve Goodmanson.

We had two tournaments going on at the same time on the same green.  They were Men's Pairs and Women's Pairs.  One scoreboard covered both tournaments.

A big thanks goes to Jordan Austin for all his work as tournament chairman.

Photos by Bob Smith

1st Place:  Wuhwa Hsu and Jack Bucey

2nd Place:  Ken Roth and Denny Ryan


Scoreboard for the day