Men's Pairs Tournament

August 16 , 2017

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8 teams (16 members) participated in the tournament.

Steve Goodmanson, Ken Roth
3 wins +22
Rich Purcell, Ron Dawson
2 wins +12 2nd
Pete Westray, Sal Mollo
2 wins + 6
All teams chosen by luck of the draw:  Other teams in no particular order were: Wuhwa Hsu- Mark Wilson,  Jordan Austin-Herb Smith,  Demo Arevalo-George Trainer, Mike Newton-Art Roberts, Tory Smith-Geoff Simpson.
A big thanks goes to Jordan Austin for all his work as tournament chairman.

Photos by Bob Smith

1st Place:  Ken Roth and Steve Goodmanson

2nd Place:  Ron Dawson and Rich Purcell (shuttery shy)

3rd Place:  Sal Mollo and Pete Westray


Scoreboard for the day