September 21 & 24, 2018

FORMAT:       Three ten-end games.   The skips chose their vices and leads by the luck of the draw method.

SCORING:   Winner determined by wins and "plus points", with a 10 point difference cap.  Burned ends not replayed unless necessary to break a tie. Ties decided by an 11th end.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all male members of the Oxnard-Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club.

Weather:  Clear skies and comfortable weather.

It was decided to play the first two games on Sept 21 and the final game on Sept 24.
Fifteen players signed up which created a Bye condition.  Peter Nicholas was not able to play in the third game so Andy DiConti filled in for him.  Which ever team drew a Bye was awarded a win plus 5 points. It is interesting to note that the 1st place team played all three games without  benefit of a Bye.

1st   Denny Ryan, Geoff Simpson, Ken Paddock
2nd  Ray Anderson, Ken Roth, Conrad Bilodeau

The other teams were: Jordan Austin, Mike Basler, Herb Smith- Dick Gibson, Ron Dawson, Peter Nicholas/Andy DiConti - Art Roberts, Peter Westray, Sal Mollo.

A special thanks to our Tournament Chairman Jordan Austin for all his work in assembling the teams and putting on the tournament this year.

Photos by Bob Smith

Jordan Austin and Jack Bucey
Jack was looking on learning the ropes on how to run a club tournament.

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Front L-R: Art Roberts, Dick Gibson and Ray Anderson
Rear L-R: Mike Basler, Peter Westray, Conrad Bilodeau, Herb Smith,
Geoff Simpson, Jordan Austin, Sal Mollo, Ken Roth, Ken Paddock,
Ron Dawson, Denny Ryan and Peter Nicholas.

1st:  Geoff Simpson, Ken Paddock and Denny Ryan

2nd:  Ray Anderson, Ken Roth and Conrad Bilodeau


Scoreboard for the day


Top two teams

W + Pts
Denny Ryan
Geoff Simpson
Ken Paddock
  3W + 14
Ray Anderson
Ken Roth
Conrad Bilodeau
2 W + 9