March 1, 2020 

    The Amador Martinez Triples is open to both women and men.  We had a full house with sixteen  teams from various clubs throughout So. Callifornia from Cambria to Laguna Beach that competed.  Oxnard had five teams this year.   Skips set up their teams any way they want.  The entry fee is $75 per team.  Lunch is brown bag.  Morning snacks and salads and desserts were  provided at the lunch time.  Format is three 12 - end games, winners will be determined on the basis of wins, losses and plus points with a max 7 points per game. If there is a tie at the end of a game, one more end will be played only to break the tie.  If there is a tie at the end of the tournament total points will be used to break the tie.  There will be prizes for the first four teams. 
    We had many good players competing today, a number of which had competed successfully in both National and International Tournaments.

We had three teams made up of family members:
    team #6:  Scott Roberts, Linda Roberts and Dad, Art Roberts
    team #7:  Luke Wilson, Marquita Otineru and Mom, Debi Wilson
    team #8:  Rudy Uribe, Catherine Uribe and daughter Olivia Uribe

    Oxnard used Rule 56.5.1 and 56.5.3  in tournament play today.  This is when the jack is knocked out of bounds of play,  it is re-spotted on the rink centerline and two metres in from the front ditch and play continues on.  Note: We pre-marked all rinks at the two metre spot by using
a red paint spot.

The food planning and set up was done primarily by Carol Smith with Kathy Corona, Sandy Rankin, Marie Moore and Pinky Palladino also helping.  Food was also contributed by several others.
Art Roberts took care of the scoreboard.

Photos by Bob Smith

The teams and home clubs are listed below

1.  Herb Smith
Jerry Beatty
Ken Paddock
2.  Robert Busciglio
Phil Dunn
Candy DeFazio
Long, Stma
3.  Ivan Hyland
Maryna Hyland
victor Green
Nprt, Stmn
4.  Brent Boone
Barry Pickup
Byron Hahn-Ron Irwin
5.  Cory Vose
Marty Bierman
Cheryl Barkovich
6.  Scott Roberts
Linda Roberts
Art Roberts
Lagb, Nprt, Oxnr
7.  Debi Wilson
Marquita Otineru
Luke Wilson
8.  Catherine Uribe
Rudy Uribe
Olivia Uribe
9.  Steve Goodmanson
Gloria Brown
Bob Livermont
10. Grant Gibson
Max Mickey
Bruce Walter
Stbr, Mack
11. Cindy Cook
Jim Cook
Del Cardillo
12. Howard Horowitz
Lou Cohen
Shelly Cohen
Bevh, Nprt
13. Jack Bucey
Mike Newton
Rich Purcell
14. Peter Westray
Dick Gibson
Linda Westray
15. Rob Humphrey
Gene Brughelli
Jim Lyons
Camb, Lagb
16. Kay Tong
Angel Rocha
Alan Ngu
Alhm, Bevh, Stat

Wins, + Points
Howard Horowitz, Lou Cohen, Shelly Cohen
3W + 12
Herb Smith, Jerry Beatty, Ken Paddock
3W + 11
Cory Vose, Marty Bierman, Cheryl Barkovich
2W + 13
Brent Boone, Barry Pickup, Byron Hahn/Ron Irwin
2W + 11

Photos by  Bob Smith

Amador Martinez
This is his tournament

Click above Picture to make larger

Peter Westray about to release his bowl

Jim Cook measures for points

View of the first game

Scott Roberts studies head as Ivan Hyland looks on.

Barry Pickup rakes in the bowls.  This is a picture you won't see often.

Jack Bucey and Kay Tong look very intent.

Ken Paddock in motion.

Mike Newton keeping an eye on things.

Howard Horowitz brought in a nice display of Aero Bowls and equipment.

The next four photos are the tournament winners

1st Place:  Lou Cohen, Shelly Cohen and Howard Horowitz

2nd Place:  Herb Smith, Ken Paddock and Jerry Beatty

3rd Place:  Marty Bierman, Cory Vose and Cheryl Barkovich

4th Place:  Byron Hahn, Ron Irwin, Brent Boone and Barry Pickup
Note: Ron Irwin replaced Byron Hahn in the third game.

Martinez Scoreboard 2020

Thanks for coming and hope to see all of you back next year.