April 14, 2019

    The Amador Martinez Triples is open to both women and men.  There were twelve  teams from various clubs throughout So. Callifornia from Cambria to Laguna Beach that competed.  Three teams plus were from Oxnard.  Skips set up their teams any way they want.  The entry fee is $75 per team.  Lunch is brown bag.  Morning snacks and salads and desserts were  provided at the lunch time.  Format is three 12 - end games, winners will be determined on the basis of wins, losses and plus points with a max 7 points per game. If there is a tie at the end of a game, one more end will be played only to break the tie.  If there is a tie at the end of the tournament total points will be used to break the tie.  There will be prizes for the first four teams. 
    We had many good players competing today, a number of which had competed successfully in both National and International Tournaments.
    Oxnard used Rule 56.5.1 and 56.5.3  in tournament play today.  This is when the jack is knocked out of bounds of play,  it is re-spotted on the rink centerline and two metres in from the front ditch and play continues on.  Note: We pre-marked all rinks at the two metre spot by using white golf tees placed flush to the surface of the green.

The food planning and set up was done primarily by Pinky Palladino with Kathy Corona, Linda Westray and Marie Moore also helping.  Food was also contributed by several others.
Art Roberts took care of the scoreboard.

Nearly all the photos were taken by our new member Susan Porath.

The teams and home clubs are listed below

1.  Brent Boone
Roger Sullivan
Sue Sullivan
2.  Cory Vose
Harry Dickinson
Angel Rocha
3.  Jim Cook
Cindy Cook
Del Cardillo
4.  Kay Tong
Sean McMorris
Alan Ngo
Bevh, Alhm
5.  Linda Roberts
Luke Wilson
Marquita Otineru
Nprt, Oxnr
6.  Rob Humphrey
Grant Gibson
Gene Brughelli
Camb, Stbr
7.  Jack Bucie
Denny Ryan
Gloria Brown
8.  Marty Bierman
Cecil Bator
Cheryl Barkovich
Stmn, Holm
9.  Rich Purcell
Debi Wilson
Mike Newton
10. Scott Roberts
Art Roberts
Donna Roberts
Lagb, Oxnr
11. James Flowers
Phil Dunn
Noreen Wilkie
12. Paul Perez
Peter Westray
Ken Paddock

Wins, + Points
Kay Tong, Sean McMorris, Alan Ngo
3W + 21
Jack Bucey, Denny Ryan, Gloria Brown
2W + 11
James Flowers, Phil Dunn, Noreen Wilkie
2W + 8
Linda Roberts, Luke Wilson, Marquita Otineru
2W + 6

Photos by Susan Porath and Bob Smith

Amador Martinez
This is his tournament


Click above Picture to make larger

Amador Martinez welcomes visiting teams as Art Roberts
prepares to give opening tournament announcements.

Gloria Brown rolls her bowl as the tournament gets underway.

Sue Sullivan sighting in on the jack.

Mike Newton shows us another way to roll your bowl.

Grant Gibson digging into lunch. 
Grant rolls no backhand bowls.  Using only forhand with
either his right or left hand.

Art Roberts doing double duty.  Tournament chairman and scorekeeper.

Susan Porath, one of our new members took most of the tournment photos today.

Donna Roberts and Debi Wilson
Looks like everything is A-OK

Cheryl Barkovich and Noreen Wilkie

Scott and Linda Roberts, a nice family photo

The next four photos are the tournament winners
1st Place:  Sean McMorris, Alan Ngo and Kay Tong

2nd Place:  Denny Ryan, Gloria Brown and Jack Bucey

3rd Place:  Phil Dunn, Noreen Wilkie and James flowers

4th Place:  Marquita Otineru, Luke Wilson and Linda Roberts

Martinez Scoreboard 2019

Thanks for coming and hope to see all of you back next year.