April 9, 2017

    The Amador Martinez Triples is open to both women and men.  There were sixteen teams from various clubs throughout So. Callifornia from Cambria to San Diego that competed.  Four teams were from Oxnard.  Skips set up their teams any way they want.  The entry fee is $75 per team.  Lunch is brown bag.  Morning snacks and salads and desserts were  provided at the lunch time.  Format is three 12 - end games, winners will be determined on the basis of wins, losses and plus points with a max 10 points per game. If there is a tie at the end of a game, one more end will be played only to break the tie.  If there is a tie at the end of the tournament total points will be used to break the tie.  There will be prizes for the first five teams.  As it turned out 5th and 6th place were a tie so 5th place was decided by using total points.
    We had many good players competing today, a number of which had competed successfully in both National and International Tournaments.
    Oxnard used Rule 56.5.1 and 56.5.3 for the first time in tournament play today.  This is when the jack is knocked out of bounds of play,  it is re-spotted on the rink centerline and two metres in from the front ditch and play continues on.  Note: We pre-marked all rinks at the two metre spot by using white golf tees placed flush to the surface of the green.

The food planning and set up was done primarily by Carol Smith and Sandra Adame with Pinky Palladino and Linda Westray also helping.  Food was also contributed by several others.
Amador Martinez took care of the scoreboard.

The teams and home clubs are listed below

1.  Gloria Brown
Denny Ryan
Jim Matlock
2.  Phil Dunn
Grant Shear
Berry Hayes
Stmn, Long
3.  Scott Yahnke
Kelly Warren
Adriana Sandoval
Redl, Pomo
4.  Herb Glazeroff
Candy DeFazio
Heidi Fernandes
5.  Marty Bierman
Cheryl Barkovich
Todd Werner
6.  Bill Brault
Aaron Zangl
Anne Nunes
 Sndg, Herm, Nprt
7.  Loren Dion
Ian Ho
Eva Ho
8.  Richard Purcell
Mike Newton
Wuhwa Hsu
9.  Raul Perez
Peter Westray
Ron Zenone
10. Scott Roberts
Cory Vose
Art Roberts
Lagb, Bevh, Oxnr
11. Robert Humphrey
Duncan McQueen
Joanne Kluck
12. Kay Tong
Sean McMorris
Howard Horowitz
Alhm, Bevh
13. Steve Goodmanson
Demo Arevalo
Ron Dawson
14. Roger Sullivan
Sam DeLisle
Sue Sullivan
15. Liam Courtney
Stanley Bloom
Bud Viard
Stat, Mack
16. Catherine Uribe
Rudy Uribe
Angel Rocha
Holm, Bevh

Wins, + Points
Phil Dunn, Grant Shear, Berry Hays
3W + 28
Bill Brault, Aaron Zangl, Anne Nunes
3W + 24
Richard Purcell, Mike Newton, Wuhwa Hsu
3W + 21
Kay Tong, Sean McMorris, Howard Horowitz
3W + 17
5th Scott Roberts, Cory Vose, Art Roberts
2W + 9   total pts  19
Gloria Brown, Denny Ryan, Jim Matlockloria Brown
2W + 9   total2pts  11

Photos by  Bob Smith

Click above Picture to make larger

Sandra Adame, Pinky Palladino, Carol Smith and Linda Westray
These ladies all helped with the kitchen duties.

Lunch after the first game.

Some preferred to eat outside.

The jack seems to be pinned between the sprinkler and the bowl.
Pretty hard to beat this shot.  That bowl belongs to Scott Roberts.

Another shot that can't be beat.  Scott's dad Art is on the jack
and Scott made a fine draw to take second point.

Raul Perez and Kay Tong.  Great looking jacket, Kay.

Scott Roberts bowls as Loren Dion waits his turn.  It was great to see
Loren back in town after his long absence.

Candy DeFazio bowls as others look on.

Our Club President Ron Zenone about to bowl.

Looks like A busy day on the green.

Scoreboard tells all.

1st Place:  Grant Shear, Phil Dunn, Berry Hayes

2nd Place:  Bill Brault, Anne Nunes, Aaron Zangl

3rd Place:  Mike Newton, Rich Purcell, Wuhwa Hsu

4th Place:  Kay Tong, Sean McMorris, Howard Horowitz

  5th Place:  Cory Vose, kind of looks like he is trying to fly.
Actually his team mates Scott and Art Roberts weren't available for the photo.

Thanks for coming and hope to see all of you back next year.