July 17, 19, 24, 2019

   ELIGIBILITY:     Open to the first 18 members that sign-up.  

    FORMAT:            Games will be 12 ends.  All positions will be luck of the draw.

                                1st Round:  18 bowlers will compete on 6 rinks.  The  winners will advance to the second round.

                                2nd Round:  The 6 advancing winners from above will play on 2

rinks producing 2   winners.

                                3rd Round:  The 3rd round will be a singles match of 12 ends to determine 1st and   2nd places. 

The first day of play was July 17, second round of play was July 19  and the final day was July  24  to determine the 1st and 2nd place winners. 

    SCORING:          On each end the four closest bowls will count in the point count.  The closest will  count 4 points, the next 3 points, the next 2 points and the last 1 point.  It is  possible for all players to score in one end , for one player to score all 10 points or  any combination of players and points. 

The final playoff was between Luke Wilson and Andy DiConti in a singles match.  Luke Wilson won.


Photos by  Susan Porath

Jordan Austin getting organized as he explains luck of the draw team pick.

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    Front L-R: Pete Westray, Dick Gibson, Peter Nicholas, Art Roberts, Mike Newton
    Rear: L-R: Linda Westray, Jordan Austin, Denny Ryan, jack Bucey, Jose Rodriquez, Andy DiConti, Ray Anderson, Rich Purcell, Jerry Beatty, Ken Paddock, Luke Wilson and Debi Wilson.






Score chart shows how the elimination progressed to the winner.