Sharon Gibson

August 19, 1940 to June 5, 2019

Sharon good single

     Big Timber, Montana and Albuquerque, New Mexico, are a great distance apart but over many years Dick Gibson, who was born in Albuquerque, ended up in Big Timber where his wife was born.
     After the war, Dick's dad returned to work at the Veterans Administratioin hospital in Amarillo, Texas but soon trransfered to Helena, Montana and later to Medford, Oregon. 
     Dick Sr. retired from government service and moved again, to Big Timber, Montana.  The last move found Dick going to Sweet Grass County High School.  WOW  He graduated in 1957.
     Sharon MacKenzie, later to be Dick's wife, was born in Big Timber, Montana,  and attended grade school and high school  there.  With little chance to travel, she spent her life in Big Timber being a studious child, doing very well all through school and working at the A&W Root Beer stand while in high school.   Her excellent grades in high school earned her a scholarship at Montana State College.  She graduated in 1962 with a B.A. in educAtiion.
     Small town life was not what Dick wanted, so he and a friend enlisted in the Marine Corps two days after high school graduation.
     The Marine Corps was not offering much, Dick thought, so after his enlistment was up, it was back to Big Timber.  YEA.   He worked as a butcher in a small grocery store.
     Sharon and Dick hadn't known each other in early high school years and only casually in Dick's senior year.  Dick partied a lot and Sharon studied a lot.  But Sharon came home from college now and then and she and Dick met at a dance at a road house outside of town.  She was nice; a little shy and quiet but she kind of liked the wilder Mr. Gibson so they saw a lot of each other on her trips home from college. 
     Again the small town life got to Dick.  No real future in that smll town unless you were a rancher so, thinking back to his time in California, Dick lef t Big Timber for Ventura.  He got a job in a large bakery there and lived the bachelor life. 
     Sharon had taken a teaching job in Great Falls, Montana after college graduation.  Teaching in cold, cold Great Falls was not for her so after a couple of years she too decided that the California weather and wages were more to her liking and she landed  a teaching job in Camarillo.
       As Dick remembers it, he received a letter from Sharon saying she was teaching in Camarillo but didn't know anybody round here and wanted to know if he wanted to have a friendly meeting and talk about home and mutual friends there.  Dick was sure he liked Sharon a lot and was happy to have someone fom the old hometown to visit with and they began dating.
     Dick and Sharon were married in Las Vegas and have stayed  married for 55 years.  They have one daughter and two grand children.
     Dick and Sharon purchased a 7 Eleven franchise in  1978 in Oxnard.  They had it for fourteen years.  Dick stayed in business by opening a coin laundry near his 7 Eleven and running that until he retired.
     Sharon stayed in the teachng profession for a total of 41 years before retiring.  They were introduced to lawn bowling at the Oxnard Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club in 2005 and have loved it.
by Dick Gibson edited
     Sharon Gibson at rink scoreboard


Sharon and Dick worked as a team to set up club teams on Visitation days.