Robert William Ferris, Jr

January 1, 1925 - March 15, 2013


     Having mostly recovered from a fall at Christmas time, Coach Ferris snuck out "without a fuss" early Friday morning while no one was looking.  His spirit began it's journey to the Heavens from the "Venturan" (Coastal View) Rehabilitation Center below Ventura College.  Interesting, how Bob's spirit influenced so many through his life around the same area; next to the college and two homes he was a father.
     Born in Framingham, Mass., in 1925; Bob was the first born child to parents, Robert William Ferris, Sr and Alice Augusta Thompson.  His parents owned an ice business; complaining, as a child did not go over very well - he learned as a young man a work ethic that he lived and taught.  He moved to Ventura after serving in thd Navy during the war.  He married the Sheriff's daughter,  Margaret Durley and had four children.  With the help of other Ventura legends,  he designed, built and operated the Ferris Swim Academy where he taught certified Red Cross programs.  Divorce ended this chapter only to begin another with Irene Colburn and her three children.  Bob and Irene added to the Ferris clan with another boy.  
     Education from Holy Cross, USC, and later John Hay Fellow to Harvard; Bob Ferris is best known for his personal touch in teaching Humanities in the classroom at Ventura High School for close to 40 years.  Before and during this time he coached and officiated various sports in Ventura County ending his coaching career as swim and water polo coach at VHS.  He retired in the late 1980's and moved to Paradise, Calif.  An active member of many organizations through the years he had reigns as the President of the Boys and Girls Club of Paradise and Exalted Ruler at the Paradise Elk Lodge.  Irene's unexpected death in 1997 ended this chapter and he moved back to Ventura with his last female companion in life: Patricia Mann in 2001.  Bob and Pat  took up residence in Port Hueneme close to the marina where they enjoyed their year's together lawn bowling and entertaining friends and family.  Pat aquired a form of Alzheimer's where she required assisted living.  Dad built a daily routine to assure her care was maintained until her death last year.
     Robert William Ferris, Jr. outlived his three female companions in life.  He is survived by five childern: Victor, Laura, Michael, Linda and Charles; and three step children: Ed, Steve and Cindy; sixteen grandchildren; and, fifteen great grandchildren.  As Bob would say about his offspring, "Our genes are magnificently mixed to march triumphtly into a glorious future."

(The above obituary is from thje Ventura County Star.)
Bob wins spider at fun day, shown with Joe Brown


JW with Bob at Christmas party.
JW would relieve Bob after bowling four ends so he could be with Pat Mann for lunch.


 Bob Ferris shown with Joe and Gloria Brown