Summer Solstice Fun Day 2017
Summer of Love


On Wednesday, June 21, 2017,  36 club members, family and friends gathered at the Oxnard Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club to remember back 50 years to 1967 to celebrate their first day of Summer and summer of love.  We were asked to bring pictures of our selves from 50 years ago and what we wore then.  Ron and Joan Dawson hosted the event, planned games for us to play and provided a delicious lunch.  Several others contributed food for the meal.

One of the games was to see how many pictures of 50 years ago could be identified.  Points were awarded for the most right guesses.  We actually had hair then.  Another game was to answer the most right questions on trivia subjects.  And boy, were they trivia.  When the points from both games were added up Linda Lockhart had the most points and won the grand prize.  We then moved outside to play a regular luck of the draw triples game.  Lunch next.  We dined on crab salad sandwiches, hot dogs, salads and desserts.

With lunch over Joan Dawson recognized the game winners and the puzzles were gone over.  It's funny what you don't remember any more.

A big thanks go to Ron and Joan Dawson for all their fine efforts in helping with the club.  They are relatively new members and have jumped right in.

Photos by Bob Smith

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L-R:  Tory Smith, Denny Ryan, Sal Mollo, Priscilla Zarate, Donna Roberts, Linda and Peter Westray, Jordan Austin, Ron Dawson, Pinky Palladino, Sandy Rankin, Ray and Sharon Anderson, Joan Dawson, Sandra Adame and front Art Roberts.

Morning group mingling about.

Jordan Austin, FAR OUT

Members checking picture board trying to pick out names.

Photo board after the names were added.

Chef Ron Dawson preparing the steaks. (Tube steaks)

Lunch time.

Joan Dawson awarding prizes to the contest winners.