Spring Fling Fun Day 2018




 Our Fun Day on April 16th was planned and put on by Ron and Joan Dawson.  We had 34 members sign in in the morning.  First activities before bowling were comprised of three games of skill to take place out on the green.  This was made more difficult because we were faced with a strong cross wind. The following photos will explain what the games were.  If you were successful in your game there were prizes to be won.

After the skill games were finished everyone came back into the club house were luck of the draw games were made up.  Then everyone proceeded outside for a 10 end regular bowls game.

After the morning bowls game a delicious  lunch prepared by Ron and Joan Dawson was enjoyed.

Thanks to all the others that stayed and helped with the clean-up.  Not a very glamorous job but quite necessary.

Photos by Bob Smith

Sandra Adame showing us the instructions for the day.

Mike Basler and Herb Smith discuss the bean bag game.  You have to stand behind the blue lines on the green before you throw.

Doug Dow checking out the possibility of ever throwing a
ping pong ball into a red cup with the cross wind to deal with.

Ron Dawson helping Jordan Austin with his turn.

Carol Smith showing championship form as she throws her bean bag.
You can see the red bag in the air.

Doug Dow selecting a prize from the prize table.  Doug, you won't need to report your winnings to the IRS.

Mike Basler and Sandra Adame try their luck in there
respective games.

This is where everyone wins.  The food was delicious.

Lining up at the food tables.

Ron checking to see if any more food needs to be put out.  Ron and Joan
were very creative with the games and made an interesting Fun Day.