Solar Eclipse Fun Day
August 21, 2017


On Monday, August 21, 2017,  30 club members gathered at the Oxnard Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club to enjoy the wonder of a partial solar eclipse and play games related to the event.  For us the partial eclipse started at 9:04 AM, was maximum at 10:19 AM and ended at 11:42 AM.  Our sky had some clouds with clearing so we were able to see some of the effect.  Everyone was aware of the potential eye damage by looking directly at the sun so they all took precautions.  Ron and Joan Dawson hosted the event, planned games for us to play and provided a delicious lunch.  Several others contributed food for the meal.

We started the day by everyone rolling one bowl to the "eclipse target" in the middle of the green.  The first two closest bowls to the target won prizes.  Raul Perez was closest and Dee Press took the next closest.  Next came a 10 end luck of the draw game with a special twist.  There were prizes for eclipse bowls (from the mat-any bowl completely obscuring the jack).  Each person keeps track of their eclipse bowls and the highest number wins a prize.  Linda Westray won with 2 and they both were won in the same end.  One other prize was won by Nancy White  who rolled an eclipse bowl on her very first roll.

A big thanks go to Ron and Joan Dawson for all their fine efforts in helping with the club. 

Photos by Bob Smith


Pete Westray put together an eclipse viewer fom a cereal box.  Notice the spot in the box which is the eclipse starting.

This is a better view of the eclipse from inside the box.  I don't think anyone had an official set of glasses to use.

Here is another way to view the eclipse.  There is a small pin hole in the paper plate.  If you look hard you can see the small image of the eclipse on the white sheet of paper.

Winners of the eclipse target game.  Raul Perez took first place and Dee Press had the second closest bowl.

Linda Westray took first place for the most "eclipse bowls".  She got two eclipse bowls in the same end.

Members enjoying lunch inside.

Others preferred to be outside for their lunch.

Ron Dawson serving up his lunch.

Our party hosts, Joan and Ron Dawson.  Joan was called over to help Ron with clean up after the party was over.

You can almost hear Johnny Cash sing "Ring of fire".