Sal Mollo's 90th Birthday Party

May 29, 2022

 On Sunday, May 29, 2022 around 30 members and friends gathered at the Oxnard Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club to celebrate Sal's 90th birthday.  It was announced that Sal had been appointed club Honorary Member by the club Board of Directors.  Sal has been a member since 1999 and has been active in many club activities over the years.  Sam, Sal's son got up and talked about his dad and thanked the club for the party.  Gloria Brown followed with her thanks for all the help that Sal and Ann
had given over the years. 

Following time to visit with family and friends we all lined up for a delicious lunch of hot dogs, BBQ beans, salads and birthday cake.

Photos by Bob Smith

The sign says it all.

Ann and Sal Mollo

Sal displays his pride in the USMC.
I always respected Sal for his pride in the Marines and
his service to our Country.

Henry Richter,  Amador Martinez, Carol Smith and Bob Berry

                  A  9 0  cake                

Family and friends

Jack Bucey, our official cooker and taister

Henry Richter, Amador Martinez, Rich Purcell and Bob Berry

Susan LaCroix assistring at the food line.

Jack Bucey, Gloria Brown,  Susan and Lenny LaCroix
The crew that helped put trhe party together.