On September 3rd we had our Labor Day Fun Event.  We had a nice turnout with 39 members and several guests.  Joe and Gloria Brown organized the celebration and took care of planning for food and games for the day.

Our morning game was luck of the draw triples.  Scoring was done with the use of a tin can and yardstick.  We placed the can over the jack and swung the yardstick around in a circle and any bowl the stick touched counted as a point.  This way both teams could get points.  The team that had the most points at the end of 12 ends of play won the prize.  That team was Bob Smith, Sharon Anderson and Debi Wilson with 36 points.

After the morning game a delicious  lunch of hot dogs, salads, dessert and soft drinks were enjoyed.  Our chef Joe Brown said the secret was not to burn the dogs.  Sounds reasonable. 

After lunch Pinky Palladino put on her favorite bowls contest which she has done in the past.  It is to roll your bowl through a wicket which is placed on the diagonal on the green.  The teams are men against men and women against women.  The men roll their bowls on a longer diagonal than the women. Everyone participating puts one dollar in the pot.  This year 13 men and 13 women participated.  Each player rolls 4 bowls rotating in their group. The winner is the one with the most bowls through the wicket.  After the first round Susan Paddock had two bowls go through and won for the women.  Susan by the way is a brand new to bowling.  Way to go!  The men took a little longer.  After two complete rounds there were four men left with 2 bowls each through the wicket.  It was decided there would be a 4 way tie for first.  The players were Bob Smith, Mike Basler, Virgil Lockhart and Ken Paddock.  By splitting the pot each won $3.25.  WOW!  Ken and Virgil are new members and did great.

 Thanks to all the others that stayed and helped with the clean-up.  Not a very glamorous job but quite necessary.

Photos by Joe and Gloria Brown

Bob and Carol Smith, Debi Wilson at setup Board

Ken and Susan Paddock, Linda Lockhart, Marie Moore
Janet Kessler and Virgil Lockhart

Andy DiConti, Sharon and Ray Anderson, Henry Richter

Pinky Palladino  selling chances for diagonal roll off.

Kathy Corona, Peter Nicholas and CJ Juengst

Proud mother Marquita Otineru, baby Harper
and very proud Grandma Debi Wilson

Joe Brown, Dina and Tony Bongiovanni

New member Susan Porath prepares to roll her bowl.

Dina Bongiovanni holding tin can and yardstick
with CJ Juengst

Dina measures for points as CJ looks on.

Men's group for diagonal roll off

View as bowl approches wicket.

Women's Diagonal roll off group

Pinky holds down wicket as bowl approches.

Our master chef Joe Brown at work

1st Place, morning triples game (36 points)
Debi Wilson, Bob Smith and Sharon Anderson

1st Place,
Susan Paddock, Women's diagonal roll off
No telling how many she would have had if she
bowled more than one round.