Bill Parman

One of the beauties of Oxnard I've seen.

Is their seniors in white, bowling on the green.

They have a new clubhouse with coffee and such,

And all their lawn bowlers smile very much.

Though their bowls are not round and have an odd look,

And you can’t roll them straight; they’re all made to hook.

They’re eager to show you; willing to tell,

How you can bowl; gain some good friends as well.

They’ll teach you to think and to bowl in a curve,

So you’ll have lots of fun and you don’t need much nerve.

They’ll lend you some bowls to try as you learn,

You can get your own set as some dollars you earn.

You don’t have to be quick or have lots of might.

But just come to the green all decked out in white.

The green has no gutter and no hardwood track.

So you hook in some green and aim for the jack.

You might need some measures in case there is doubt,

Sometimes you can’t tell, when there’s bowls all about.

They’ll teach you techniques and what equipment to choose;

To be friendly and gracious, whenever you lose!