Green Plugged and Sanded
June 13, 2020

On June 13th a major project was undertaken at the lawn bowling green.  Our greens keeper Art Roberts coordinated with the City of Oxnard and the Sterling Hills Golf Course from Camarillo for sand delivery, borrowing two aerators and one sand spreader and a couple of men to operate the equipment.  A call went out to our club members for volunteers to help with all the work.  The following volunteers were Art and Donna Roberts, Dick Gibson, Mike Newton, Jerry Porath,  Linda Lockhart, Linus Raibys, Julie and Mike Basler, Herb Smith, Jerry Beatty, Ken Roth, CJ and Randy Juengst, Gloria Brown, Susan La Croix, Bob Livermont and Jack Bucey.  We ordered pizza and had a very successful day.

As Gloria put it, we were so busy, so fast.  It was a work of art, like poetry in motion.  In addition to the green being attended to, the parking lot and planters which had been ignored were cleaned up and the parking lot stripes were re-painted.  Thanks to Gary Davidson for making a wood form to use in painting the stripes.

A couple of days after the sanding a game of bowls was tried but it was imposible because the bowls didn't go very far.  The mowing and the twice a day watering have compacted the surface and games are now improved.  A little sluggish between mowings.The next problem to surface is the crows digging for grubs.  The application of poison seemed to be working at first but the birds have started digging for grubs again even though the poison has been applied.  We are filling the holes with sand by hand.

Recently the club has been having about 18 to 20 members out to bowl on our regular days.  Jack does not turn anyone away, we just make triples games. 

Photos by Donna Roberts and Gloria Brown

Equipment trailer and sand pile under the tarp.

Two plugging machines at work.  Members picking up plugs and
removing them from the green

Sand machine at work.

Bob Livermont, Jack Bucey and Dick Gibson
removing debris from parking lot.

Dick, Bob and Jack cleaning parking lot
in preparation of new stripping.

Art Roberts and workman from Camarillo.
Are we having fun yet?

Jack Bucey trying to make the sand go away.

Gloria Brown, Linda Lockhart and Julie Basler
The glamorous life of a weeder.

Linda Lockhart tackles another planter.
Way to go girl!

Susan LaCroix and Donna Roberts
They did the whole job themselves.  That deserves an ATABOY  

Doesn't this look nice?

Sure wish it was like the old days.

Art Roberts and Jack Bucey
They really worked hard this day.

This is a view through the fence after a few days of recovery.

It's nice to see it green again.