January 18, 2016

On Monday, January 18, 2016,  35 club members, family and friends gathered at the Oxnard Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club to help Edith celebtate her birthday.  There was a cake  and birthday cards for our favorite friend who was celebrating being 100 years young.    There were many stories told this morning about bowling here and in other countries as well.  Amador Martinez said that Edith gave him his first lawn bowling lessons. Edith seems to be the happiest when she is out on the green  rolling her bowls.   On this morning  we had a steady drizzle falling  so most of the party stayed  inside.  I believe that lawn bowling puts more fun in your years and more years in the fun.  Edith is living proof of this.

Edith's daughter Julie and son John planned the party and brought all the food and refreshments.  Edith's  granddauthers  Jennifer and Marisa,  her great  grandsons  Brandon and Kyle plus  Marisa' husband Mike  plus his companion dog Tinkerbell were all there to  help celebrate with Edith.

Photos by Bob Smith

Edith and Julie are just arriving

Birthday cake representing a game of bowls along with pictures
and other momentoes from the past.

Pinky watches as Julie and John prepare the finger food for the party.
The meat bisquits are English fair and prepared by an Australian owned bakery.

Family:  Brandon and Kyle, Jennifer, Marisa, Julie and John.  Edith in front.

Rosalie Hutton, Amador Martinez and Edith Dowsing.
Rosalie and Edith taught Amador how to bowl back in 1990.

Even though it was raining we still had one game of triples in the morning.

Brandon and Kyle with Marisa and Tinkerbell, her husband
Mike's companion dog.

Lois Jones, Dixie Tennow and Dina Bongiovanni.

Sal Mollo with Rosalie Hutton.  Ron Zenone talking with Amador Martinez.

Three of our senior ladies, Rosalie Hutton, Edith Dowsing
 and Ann Mollo pondering a game of bowls.  (The bowls
seem heavier than they used to).

Edith and Ann seem to be sharing a funny story.

We all love you Edith.  You are an inspiration to us all.