Club Re-Opens with Restrictions
Following Closure Mandated by Covid19 Pandemic
May 30, 2020

Jack Bucey (our club president) worked with Renee Rakestraw, Community Services Manager from the City of Oxnard in developing a plan to re-open our lawn bowling club in a safe manner considering that the corona virus is still active and with us.  Jack submitted a plan that was largely taken from a document from Southwest Division that spelled out guidelines to be taken.  The following is a copy of the agreement they reached. 

May 28, 2020

Oxnard Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club may return to play as of May 29, 2020 under the following guidelines:
      1.  No gathering in the clubhouse facility.  
      2.  Hands should be sanitized before and after play.
      3.  Restrooms must be sanitized prior to opening and closing and every two hours during program use.
      4.  Maintain a distance of 6' from other players.
      5.  One rink must remain closed between games(ie, 1, 3, 5, 7).
      6.   Keep to individual practice, singles or pairs.  No triples or rinks.
      7.  Jacks:  pre-set the jack, no handling of the jack.  Sanitize before and after play.
      8.  Rakes:  do not use.
      9.  Measuring: do not measure with a tape.
     10. Bowls:  Players can only touch and handle their bowls.  Sanitize bowls before and after play.

Renee Rakestraw
Community Services Manager

The following members showed up for play on opening day, May 30, 2020.
Jack Bucey, Peter and Linda Westray, Art and Donna Roberts, Raul Perez, Kathy Corona, Herb Smith, Linda Lockhart, Sal Mollo, Mike and Julie Basler, Randy and CJ Juengst, Denny Ryan and Gloria Brown.

Jack Bucey welcoming the club members and explaining the new rules.

signin sheet 2020
As members arrived they signed in to bowl.

member chip assignment
After they signed in they went inside to get their number chip off the board and brought it outgside for the set up table.

rink scoreboard2020
Our regular scoreboard was used.







The next six photos were taken on Monday, June 1st.  It appears that they were demonstrating social distancing. 

Members that came to bowl were :
     Linda and Peter Westray, Randy and CJ Juengst, Mike and Julie Basler, Raul Perez and kathy Corona, Joe Brown, Sal Mollo, Herb Smith, Bob Livermont, Linda Lockhart, Pat Harter, Sandy Rankin, Marie Moore, Jack Bucey.