On May 5, 2017,  38 members and guests gathered at the club to visit, bowl, eat great food and generally have a good time.  Ron and Joan Dawson hosted our funday.   They did all the planning and  prepared a delicious Mexican  meal for us.  Several others contributed salads and desserts to fill out the spread. Before we got started Ron gave us a remarkable explanation of what Cinco de Mayo is all about.
 Following this we were told how the day would progress.  First we would have a bolillos roll off.  We used to call this a spider but then this wasn't just any day.  There was a stick with three bolillos attached to it and placed in the center of the green.  The three closest bowls won prizes.  The winners were Tory Smith, Raul Perez and Janet Kessler.  The game for the day was 12 ends of triples.  Members would rotate positions after each four ends so at the end all members played each position. The team with the highest score at the end was Geoff Simpson, Henry Richter and Raul Perez.  After our games lunch was served.

Photos by Bob Smith

Ron and Joan Dawson explain the plans for the day.

And this is the plan.

Janet Kessler is one of the winners in the bolillos roll off.  The other two winners were Tory Smith and Raul Perez.  All won terrific prizes.

Joan Dawson presents Geoff Simpson, Henry Richter and Raul Perez
their prizes for winning the high score game.

we were all winners at lunch.

Looks like Betty McLay spotted the camra.

Ron and Joan put on a very nice day for the rest of us.
 They didn't bowl so the rest of us could.

Adios Amigos