Chinese New Year Fun Day 2018

The Year of the Dog

On Friday, February 16, 2018 40 club members and guests gathered at the Oxnard Joslyn Lawn Bowls club to celebrate Chinese New Year with fun and games and lots of good food.  Ron and Joan Dawson were our hosts for the party.

We started off the day with a competition to see which team could draw one bowl closest to an established line about 3/4 of the way down the green from the mat. This is where it gets a little complicated.  Teams were established by the year you were born and using the Chinese Zodiac to determine the animal that your team is named.  The team then chose one member from their team to roll one bowl for their effort in the competition.  As it turned out Raul Perez was the winning team representative and the team was the rats.  Sometimes it pays to be a rat as there was prize money awarded.

From there we went on to a 10 end luck of the draw triples game where the high score from all games was the winner. The jack was always placed at the 2 metre mark but the mat was placed alternately on the 2 metre mark or the hogline.  The winning team was Art Roberts, Dina Bongiovanni and Kathy Corona with 14 points.  In a separate doubles game Pinky Palladino won a prize for the most touchers.

As lunch time came around we all went inside for a triditional Chinese feed.  Ron and Joan prepared the chicken while others provided side dishes.  Dessert was ice cream, cake, and  almond and fortune cookies.

Wuhwa Hsu shared with us some Chinese tradition.  When children are still home their parents give the children red envelops that contain gifts.  Then when the children grow up and leave home they give red envelops back to their parents to repay them. I suspect sometimes the envelops contained money.   At the party we all received red envelops that contained Chinese Proverbs.  Example:  "A wise man makes his own decisions; an ignorant man follows the public opinion"  or "Study is like rowing upstream: no advance is to drop back."

At the conclusion of lunch a Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Bob and Carol Smith by Club President Art Roberts.  It was awarded "for all you do for us".  This caught us totally by surprise and is very appreciated.  Art got Bob to help hold up a scroll while he read the Proclamatiion. I felt a little like a stage prop.  In addition to the Certificate a decorated cake was presented for all to enjoy. 

Ceiling decoration

These are the 12 animals.  Once every 12 years your animal comes up.

Game rules.  This caused a little head scratching.

Bowling from the hogline.

Bowling from the 2 metre mark.

Ron Dawson helping setup table.

Everyone digging in.

Dee Press, Pinky Palladino, Peter and Linda Westray

The left symbol is harmony and the right symbol is calm.
Together they mean peace and are pronounced HE PING.