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Websites of Interest to Lawn Bowlers

Updated  5/12/2018

World Bowls Official Website.  This is our international lawn bowling organization and is responsible for establishing the "Laws of the Sport of Bowls".  To view the new World Bowls Introduction, Manual to Lawn Bowls  open this link.  This is an excellent 52 page manual that covers such things as sport introduction, history of lawn bowls, details of the game, coaching, facilities and construction to a glossary of bowls terminology.

BowlsUSA  Home Page and Links.    This is the official site for the U. S. Lawn Bowls Assoc.  This is an excellent site for clubs anywhere in the United States.  You will find listings for all seven National Divisions and the clubs alphabetical listing by division with contact information and websites where they have them.

SW Lawn Bowling Clubs
-Google Map

BowlsUSA Southwest Division website.

Santa Barbara LBC - The downtown club. This link is new as of 4/15/07 with a great deal of content - well done.

MacKenzie Park LBC website.

Friendly Valley LBC website.

Laguna Lawn Bowls Club marks 75th Anniversary.

Oaks North Lawn Bowling Club, San Diego

Lawn Bowls USA - Your USA Henselite Distributor.

How Lawn Bowls are Made

Accurate Lawn Bowls - Your USA Aero Bowls distributor.

Taylor Bowls website

A - Z of Lawn Bowls & Allied Games

Books on Bowls contains detailed information on no less than 203 books on lawn bowls. The site is entirely non-commercial and is purely for the information and curiosity of bowlers around the world.

Lawn Bowling Tutorial - This neat website belongs to the Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club in Canada. Through image animation and Java Scripts, this particular page illustrates all basic deliveries of jack and bowls and strategies employed in lawn bowling. "Welcome to our animated tutorial on lawn bowls. The green area to the left is a 'virtual rink' where we'll give the lessons. But before stepping onto the green, let's review some A-B-Cs of the game . . .

Tweed Heads Bowls Club - Australia - Much to see on this website. Quite different than Oxnard LBC with more activities especially of non-lawn bowling nature like bingo, etc.