2011 Rules and Regulations

2011 RulesBook

It is suggested that all USLBA members read and get generally familiar with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls.  New 2011 Rules Books are now available free to USLBA members of your club.

New Rules Reminder
1.  The "hammer rule" is dead.  In other words, there's no choice of going first or last.   The winner of an end gets the mat and tosses the jack.
2.  The Skip is responsible for keeping the official scorecard.
3.  The minimum distance for a delivered jack is 68' 10 3/4" (21 meters) from the front mat.  (This is shorter than the minimum distance in recent years.)  Hog lines should be adjusted to accomodate this new rule.
4.  For national tournaments, competitors may now wear color attire below as well as above the waist.   The SWD has adopted the same apparel policy.