Joseph N. Brown Jr

August 27, 1943 to August 28, 2020


     I was born in Vienna, Georgia and at the age of six, we moved to Philadelphia, PA.  At the age of fourteen I was inspired by the television series "Victory at Sea" (the history of the US Navy during WWII).  This inspiration led me to enlist in the Navy upon reaching eighteen.
     After serving for twenty years and aquiring the rank of Commissioned Warrant Officer in the Surface Ordinance field, I retirerd.  During my Naval career, I served on two Cruisers, two aircraft carriers (one is presently in San Diego Harbor, U.S.S. Midway CVA-41) and two Ammunition Supply Ships.  Nearly all of my time was in the Pacific area visiting countries bordering the Pacific Rim.   My wife and three daughters were stationed with me in Guam, M.I. and the Philippines,  where they readily picked up the language.  They all  now reside in Northern California.  In addition, during my  Naval service I was able to further my educaion and earned an
  MBA degree from John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, CA.
     Upon retiring from the Navy in 1981, I was a high school teacher for a brief period in Pittsburg, CA. and l later took a position at Headquarters, Sixth U.S. Army as the Deputy Director of the Organizational Effectiveness Unit at the Presidio of San Francisco.  Probably the best civilian job I ever had.  There was quite a bit of travel, but I enjoyed helping the National Guard of fifteen states gauge their ability to perform their jobs And we provided trraining as needed.
     In June 1989, I was offered the position as director of the Curriculium and Instructional Standards Office at the Naval Constructiion Training Center, Port Hueneme, CA.  I held that position until my final retirement in October, 2001.  Moving to this area was probably the best move I ever made.  At that time, I had been divorced for four years and that was when I met Gloria in early 1990.  We seemed to be very much alike, even our birthdays were three days apart, so we decided to marry in October 1993.
     Since my retirement I've been working on my Golf game, taking cruises and writing a book , which I hope to complete this year.  The book is a journal of my flights to all the airports in California and of the fun and not so funny occurrences along the way.  By the way, the book will be titled : "Flyboy Chronicles".
     When I initally started flying, I had some difficulity, mastering the landing tecnique, so I started a diary to record all my training sessions, which I would constantly review before my next flight to avoid making the same mistake again.  After finally getting my pilots license in March 1994, I set for myself the goal of flying to all the Airports in California, at thetime there were 389.  Many have closed and todatg there are only 263 left, and to date I have flown to 139, so I still hve quite a few left prior to completing my book.  My hope is that it may inspire others to hang in there when the going gets tough, and people give up on them.

     Gloria and I were introduced to lawn bowling by Bob and Carol Smith and I must say that we were addicted to the sport.  My golfing and sometimes flying suffers because of lawn bowling.  I love the game and all the new and wonderful people we've met since becoming a member.
Autobiography by Joe Brown 2008
Joe joined the club on September 3, 2007 and was a member for 13 years.  He served as Club President in 2010 and 2011.  Joe was very actrive in the club and gave strong leadership.  He was a very social person and loved to sing and was a great dancer.  He also liked to golf and was active in the local jazz club.  In addition he kept a small airplane at Oxnard Airport and went flying when he could. You might say that he was man of many talents.