bob smiths creation 2
Hanging in the clubhouse window is this wonderful leaded glass rendition of the
Oxnard - Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club logo.  It was done by Bob Smith in 2004 and
contributed to the club.

  This section of the website is dedicated to the memory of deceased lawn bowlers who belonged to the Oxnard-Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club.  Names of deceased are listed below by date of death.  Any photos, obituaries or remembrances are posted in this section.  If there is a photo, remembrance or obituary the name is underlined (linked to that page).

  The inset in the above picture of the clubhouse shows a frame, which is hanging in the clubhouse This frame contains the name badges of deceased members.

Palmer Vea
Terry Hernandez
Howard Neuman
Les Groves
Ralph Ecton
Margorie Foster
David Hernandez
Bill Melton
Ruben Ramirez
Alice Biddle
Dale Keely
Arthur Block
Jim Schaefer
Jack Blizzard
Pierre Gestin
Florence Saperstein
Margie Lewis
Dick Elliott
Marie Ecton
Pat Pollock
Harry Saperstein
Bob Bond
Charlie Ciummo
Paul Whittaker
Rob Hutton
Bill O'Brien
Bill Scott
Fylis Robertson
Ken Barrabee
Irene Davy
James McVey
Bill Taschek

Vince Sepich
Jane Brewster
Le Ann Smith
Wesley Johnson
Rosalie Hutton
Armand Escalante
Bob Lewis
Edith Mary Dowsing
Demetrio Arevalo Jr.
Dave Jones
David Rankin
Pat Zenone
Sybil Ziv
Sharon Gibson
Vince Sepich
Jane Brewster

Frank Sneddon
Bob Wilson
Bill Bustamante
Pat Crandall
Dick Stover
Eva Kap
Mary Mackie
Mary Grace Donahue
Les Fryer
Fran Biddle
Norman K. Palladino
Lee Winifred Combs
Jacob (Kuba) Ziv
Angel Ochoa
Warrren Stanhope
Bert Kessler
George W. Love
Robert W. Ferris, Jr.
Haji Catton
Alex Mackie
Jess Sportelli
Larry Redman
Diane Edging
Joe Brown
Doris Sneddon
Emiko Jackson
Virgil Lockhart
Jordan Austin
Peter A. Nicholas