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April 25, 1989


The Oxnard-Joslyn Lawn Bowls Green was constructed in 1986 at the Wilson Park with the combined efforts of the City of Oxnard and a grant from the Marcelles L. Joslyn Foundation.

At the time of construction of the bowling green, there was no thought of a club house for the green. In order for a lawn bowling club to grow and become an asset to the community, it is essential that a club house be immediately adjacent to the green. The club house should consist of a meeting room, restrooms, kitchen, lockers, storage room and covered porch.

The Oxnard Bowling Green is the only green in Ventura County. We have members from Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Camarillo, Ventura and Santa Barbara with a membership of 43. There are 36 clubs in the Southwest Division of the American Lawn Bowls Association (A.L.B.A.), see annual. The Oxnard Green is the only green that does not have a club house adjacent to their green.

The two very small buildings, adjacent to the green, were used by the Parks Dept. for their equipment. With the advent of the club, the use of the small building on the south side was then put to use as a make-shift club house room. Shelves, racks, bulletin boards, table, and a cabinet were built by the club members and installed in order to have some semblance of a place to call home. All of this was paid for by club members.

On weekdays, the bowlers use the restrooms at the senior center which is far removed from the green. When we have tournaments, graduation of students, etc., the picnic tables are unlocked from the park and hauled to the green area. All water is brought in by club members for coffee and drinking water. On week-end bowling, the office next to the green is made available to us for restroom use and also for the use of a telephone in case of an emergency.

Our first annual installation of officers, Christmas party, and a graduation of new students was held in the Senior Centers’ Arts and Crafts Room on 12/10/88 because there was another gathering in the large dining room at the center.

Through the very kind efforts of the Arcadia Lawn Bowls Club, Oxnard was given nine sets of used bowls, bowls rakes, score boards, and mats. These were used for sometime and now have been replaced with new equipment that was built and purchased by the Oxnard Club.

The Oxnard Green was first used in November 1986 with 6 or 7 people coming from time to time. By April and May, 1987, a few more people arrived on the green.

In May, 1987, we were very fortunate to have Palmer and Dorothy Vea, from Santa Barbara come to Oxnard to give instruction in lawn bowling 2 or 3 days a week for 8 months. This wonderful start for the-Oxnard-Greens was through the untiring efforts of Karen Burnharn, Recreation Supervisor.

On August 8, 1987, the Oxnard-Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club was formally formed with elected officers. At that time we owed $200.00 for supplies that were on consignment. At this time all bills are paid and the club has a bank account of $1,200.00.

The Oxnard Club is in the middle of our first club tournament. We have also started a newsletter, see attached, and our first roster was printed this year.

The members of the Oxnard-Joslyn Club have gone to many out-of-town bowling tournaments also to Las Vegas for the World Open Triples Tournament in January, 1989, with two teams. In the past 21 months, Oxnard Club has hosted several clubs from the Southwest District, also tournaments for the Oxnard Sports Festival and Senior Olympics.

The club has recently joined the Gold Coast League, which consists of Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, MacKenzie Park and Oxnard.

The following is some information that the club has done in the past year:

Average number of bowlers each month for 1988 198.16.

Average number of bowlers each month for 1989 208.22.

Friendly Valley Visitation 4/30/88 21 members, 24 visitors.

Santa Barbara Visitation 7/19/88 22 members, 18 visitors.

Oxnard Sports Festival 7/23/88 21 members, 18 visitors.

Santa Maria Visitation 8/30/88 18 members, 16 visitors.

Senior Olympics 10/8/88 23 members, 22 visitors. Up-Corning 1989 in Oxnard:

Oxnard Sports Festival 7/8/89 Approximately 22 members, 18 visitors.

Senior Olympics 9/23/89 Approximately 22 members, 18 visitors.

Friendly Valley Visitation TBA Approximately 22 members, 18 visitors.

Santa Barbara Visitation TBA Approximately 22 members, 18 visitors.

MacKenzie Park Visitation TBA Approximately 22 members, 18 visitors.

Gold Coast League Tournaments:

Santa Barbara to Oxnard 5/16/89 Approximately 20 members, 15 visitors.

Santa Maria to Oxnard 6/6/89 Approximately 20 members, 15 visitors.

MacKenzie to Oxnard 6/20/89 Approximately 20 members, 15 visitors.

Santa Barbara to Oxnard 8/8/89 Approximately 20 members, 15 visitors.

Santa Maria to Oxnard 8/22/89 Approximately 20 members, 15 visitors.

MacKenzie to Oxnard 9/5/89 Approximately 20 members, 15 visitors.

Oxnard Club will be traveling to Santa Maria on 7/19/89, 10/4/89, to MacKenzie Park on 5/10/89, 7/26/89, to Santa Barbara on 6/27/89 and 9/19/89. Approximately 12 members will be attending. The tournaments are all day affairs, 3 -12 end games each date.

Ralph F. Ecton