Marcellus L. Joslyn

Marcellus L. Joslyn personified the American dream. In 1893 when Marcellus was a student at Harvard Law School, he built his own telephone line to his parents' home and then established Citizens Telephone. In 1910, Marcellus opened a second company, Joslyn Manufacturing & Supply Co., to manufacture telephone pole line hardware.

In the early 1950's, Joslyn worked with several airframe manufacturers and the Lightning and Transient Institute of Minneapolis to address post WW II concerns of lightning and electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) impacts on aircraft HF radios.

Over the next several years, Joslyn recruited the best electronics engineers to design and develop full product lines. After gaining recognition as the leading supplier of aircraft lightning arresters, Joslyn quickly gained recognition as the leader in electrical surge and transient protection for power, communications, transportation and industrial process control.

No Finer Place

"What place is finer than a bowling green?

No Friendlier gathering is ever seen

Than happens on a bowling green.

The outer world is all forgot

And all is well that once was not.

If all our days were like this one

Life would be full of joy and fun."

Marcellus L. Joslyn