Harry Saperstein

Dave Jones - Harry's Biography Condenser

JANUARY 7 1913 — 2???

As our friend and fellow bowler reaches a milestone in age, I felt it suitable for our first issue of the newsletter to feature this talented and interesting man.

I asked Harry if I could get some information about him to write an article. He replied, “Sure, I'll give you my autobiography.” 
It would be difficult to get all 34 pages in this publication, but I can assure you that any person taking the time will find it worthwhile reading with some of Harry's funnies.

Autobiography of a Somebody
by Harry Saperstein

Harry's parents wisely decided to emigrate from Poland to Chicago via a stay in England and, after a time in America, the Saperstein family totaled eleven with Harry being the “baby.” The stories of the kids growing up is truly Americana of the 1910's with many, many house moves as “who wanted to rent to a family with nine kids?”

His father solved the problem by buying a house (only one bath), and from the building experiences of adding to the house, Harry acquired his handyman talents.

Harry and his siblings survived without television and all worked as children growing up to help support the family plus their schooling. He was an accomplished clarinetist along with his craftsman skills and graduated in 1931, just in time for the great Depression.

Because of his typing and shorthand skills, he landed jobs competing with as many as 2,000 other applicants. With the aid of his brother Abe, Harry got a job related to tree climbing, cutting etc., and being difficult work realized that there were few men over 30 still working in tree climbing. Harry advanced to supervisor and oversaw salesmen which eventually led to a display advertising position paying enough for he and Florence to be married $35.00 a week.

After a short stint in defense factory work, the Army called and he was shipped over to France. Seven months on the front lines, with few if any baths, Harry could probably have modeled for the Bill Maudlin pictures. He received three Bronze Battle Stars and the Combat Infantry's man Badge the tough one to earn and of which he is most proud.

After the war Harry and Florence heeded Horace Greeley's call to head DaWest and landed in North Hollywood in a small house, which was expanded as the family grew. Returning to the display advertising business, Harry grew in reputation and positions, eventually acquiring his own company.

Now a bit of serendipity from my experiences as a Boy Scout Executive in the San Fernando Valley. We had a great, no the best Boy Scout Troop in the district, sponsored by my Optimist Club. Troop 3 and Scoutmaster Harry Saperstein. When I started bowling I put 3 and 2 together and renewed my acquaintance with that renowned scoutmaster in the district -- Harry.

Harry and Florence started traveling in 1964, using the extra monies he made from his many woodworking jobs. At the end of his traveling days, he and Florence had visited over 40 countries, many several times.

One of Harry's philosophies is a strong advocate for Peace and to use our country's resources to help the unfortunate. He is not really in favor of military or space expenditures.

So we close with this ditty by Harry.

“Why don't we take for granted that the moon is made of cheese.
And spend some of those billions, on the reason why we sneeze !”

So Harry, we hope to hear many more years of: "Let's Bowl"