Haji Catton

January 24, 1946 - August 10, 2013

Haji Catton

Note:  The following information has been obtained from several web pages on the internet.  There is some question about the accuracy since it was obtained from a variety of sources.  It is believed that it is basically correct.

Haji, a former exotic dancer turned movie actress passed away on August 10, 2013 at the age of 67.  She was born Barbarella Catton and was a native of Quebec, Canada.  She was of British and Filipino descent.  She was known by other names such as Cerlette Catton, Haji Catton and her favorite,  Haji Cat.  She was given the name of Haji as a term of endearment from either her brother of Uncle.  Haji had no formal education after kindergarten.  She started her dancing career at the age of 14 and left for California at the age of 21.  While working at a supper club in Los Angeles she gained the attention of Russ Meyer (a former photographer for Playboy) and was immediately hired to appear in his films.  She stared in a number of Russ Meyer films.  In addition to acting she worked as a make up artist as well as a casting director and production assistant for Meyer.   Haji never married however has a daughter, Cerlette and grand daughter.  She was the fiancée of actor and impressionist Frank Gorshin at the time of his death, at age 72, in 2005.   She is survived by her brother, daughter and grand daughter.

Haji came to the Oxnard Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club in 2010.  She had never bowled before so was given lessons.  She did well and got the hang of it quickly.  She was quite active with the club activities and participated in holiday fun events, club tournaments as well as visitations with other clubs.  She was quite friendly and pleasant to be around and made friends easily.  She had a quiet, private way about her that made her a woman of mystery.  She enjoyed nature and was active in dog rescue and took an active part in finding homes for lost dogs.  You will be missed by all who knew you.

by Bob Smith

The following are photos from lawn bowling activities


Gloria Brown and Haji Cat, Halloween 2010
Haji Cat at Christmas Party 2010

Raul Perez and Haji Cat, visitation at MacKenzie Park 2011

Haji Cat bowling showing great form,  visitation at Oxnard 2012

Raul Perez, Haji Cat and Denny Ryan
Haji on 2nd place team of mixed triples 2011

Vona Snow and Haji Cat
Haji took 2nd place in women's novice singles tournament 2012

Haji Cat and Jordan Austin,  1st place in mixed pairs tournament 2012