The Gold Coast League

The Gold Coast League is comprised of two Lawn Bowling Clubs:  Mackenzie Park and  Oxnard.  The Oxnard contact for Gold Coast is Wuhwa Hsu.

This section of the Oxnard LBC website contains available information on activities in Gold Coast League tournament play.

Gold Coast League tournament play is an annual event where the best players from these two clubs compete against one another to sharpen their skills for National and International competition. Eight days a year during February through June these clubs play a formal schedule.  Each club fields four triples teams.  The schedule provides for each MacKenzie Park  team to  play each Oxnard team four times.  Once in the morning and once in the afternoon at MacKenzie Park and once in the morning and once in the afternoon at Oxnard.

The Schedule.  This schedule of play.

The By-Laws explain exactly how the competition works.