St. Patrick's Day Fun Event

March 17, 2017


Our St. Patrick's Day Fun Event was hosted by Ron and Joan Dawson.  They did it all, planning, cooking, including the decorations.  Every one dressed up in their "Irish for the day" outfits.

To start the day Ron placed three colored balloons on sticks in the middle of the green.  He had everyone take one bowl and slowly walk  around the green. He had Irish music playing from a boom Box and when he turned it off he called out a balloon color and we all rolled our bowl to get closest to the balloon. We did this for all three balloons and there were prizes awarded for each balloon winner. 

Balloon winners were: Red: CJ Juengst, Orange: Demo Arevalo, Blue: Art Roberts

The game for the day was called jacks come last.  This is where everyone rolls their bowls first.  Then one of the team members rolls the jack for the points in that end.  The jack rolling is alternated by the teams each end to make it more even.  At the end of the 10 end game the team that had the highest score was awarded a prize.   The winning team was Ray Anderson, Conrad Bilodeau and Linda Lockhart with a score of 18 points.

We had a great turnout with most rinks full.  With guests we had about 43 for lunch.  We feasted on cornbeef, cabbage, potatos, carrots.  Donna Roberts brought in an enchilada she made.  There were several desserts plus lemonade to drink.

Joan and Ron Dawson were our Fun Day Hosts.

Carol Smith and Sandra Adame discuss the morning set-up board.

Janet Kessler signs in as others visit.

The boom box was playing Irish music which filled the room.

Milling about before the festivities begin.

Ron Dawson explains the plans for the day.

Our 1st roll to the balloons.  We were all walking around the edge of the green until the music stopped (Like musicial chairs) .   After the color of the balloon was called out we rolled our bowl to that balloon.

This was our 2nd balloon attempt.

This is a birds eye view of the last balloon.  It looks like the blue bowl (Art Roberts) took the prize.  It was a bottle of Irelands finest.

Ron Dawson shown awarding prizes to the winners.

Morning game of jacks come last.

It seemed strange to roll your bowls with no white target.

Everyone enjoying their lunch.

There was no potato famine here.

Raul Perez, Kathy Corona, and Denny Ryan.  Can anyone tell who the Irishman is?

Every one was Irish on this day.