May 30, 2016

Mermorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces from all wars.

 Madeline Grace  Wallace, 4,  and her mother place flags on graves at the National Cemetery in  Little Rock, Arkansas  as Americans honor troops for Memorial Day.
Photo courtesy Associated Press

On this beautiful day 42 members and guests came out to celebrate Memorial Day, enjoy the company of friends, play games and eat lots of good food.  Joe Brown started the day by explaining the meaning of Memorial Day and how it got started. 

Joe and Gloria Brown planned the day and all the food as well as all the decorations.   The serious kitchen work was handled by Gloria Brown.   Thanks for all your work so the rest of us could bowl.

The day's activity started out with a one bowl roll to the target. Thanks to Mike Newton for contributing a target from his archery practice.   Joan Dawson (taking lessons and soon to be a new member) won the target roll off with the closest bowl.  The main game for the day  was where we used a tin can with a yard stick attached to measure for points.  This way both teams can earn points in each end.  We ended up with triples games as well as doubles and a cutthroat game to get everyone playing.  The triples was won by Sandy Rankin, Pinky Palladino and Sal Mollo/Pete Westray with 36 points.  The doubles by Armand Escalante and Tony Bongiovanni and the cutthroat game by Demo Arevalo.

After lunch Pinky Palladino organized a diagonal roll off with the men using the long roll and the women on the opposite diagonal with a shorter distance.  Each member had four bowls  to use to try to get them through the PVC pipe wicket on the far end of the diagonal.  Each player only rolled one bowl at a time and then had to wait until all the others in their group rolled theirs.  After rolling all bowls the person in their group that got the most bowls through the wicket won.  Sounds easy, but you have to try this.
Men's winner was Armand Escalante with three bowls.
Women's winner was Sandy Rankin with two bowls.

Photos by Joe and Gloria Brown and Bob Smith unless otherwise noted.

Carol and Bob Smith
Carol takes care of the set up board.

Sharon Anderson, Raul Perez, Wuhwa Hsu and Sal Mollo

Pinky Palladino, Tory Smith, Sandy Rankin,  Doris Sneddon and Jean Dobson

Gloria Brown, Tony and Dina Bongiovanni, Sunny Glessner, Jordan Austin
Linda Lockhart, Demo Arevalo and Tom Hodgins
"Check out those new shoes"

Linda Westray, Sal Mollo and Carol Smith

Jordan Austin, Linda Lockhart, Amador Martinez and Tory Smith

Joe Brown and Denny Ryan

Wuhwa Hsu and Doris Sneddon

Joan Dawson with closest bowl to target

Jordan Austin and Carol Smith count closest bowls in the morning game.

Ron Dawson gets practice with raking in the bowls.

BBQ Joe Brown, the steaks are almost ready.  Tube steaks that is.

The smell from the BBQ was driving us crazy.  Finally it's time to eat.
In line are Sandy Rankin, Doug and Evelyn Dow, Linda and Virgil Lockhart and Tory Smith peaking in from the back.

After lunch prizes were awarded for the morning games.

Joan Dawson won the target roll off.

Triples winners were:  Sal Mollo/Peter Westray, Pinky Palladino and Sandy Rankin

Prizes were awarded to doubles winners Tony Bongiovanni
and Armand Escalante by Joe Brown on the left.

Demo Arevalo receives prize from Joe Brown for cutthroat high score.

The men's and women's diagonal roll off to their respective wickets took place after everyone had finished their lunch.  Pinky Palladino organized this
event again as in past years.

Pinky is standing by for the women's group to score the bowls as they come in.
Joe Brown did the same duties for the men's side.  Occasionally the wicket gets
bumped aside and needs to be replaced to it's original position.

The men's group line up according to the order in which they signed up for the event.

This is the women's group.  They strike a more glamorous pose than the men.

Peter Westray takes his turn from the men's group.

Armand Escalante took 1st place for the men with 3 bowls through the wicket.

Sandy Rankin took 1st place for the ladies with 2 bowls through the wicket.
Hey, it's just like riding a bike!

RonJordan Austin