Halloween Fun Day
November 1, 2019

large pumpkin



On a sunny  day with a light Santa Ana wind blowing  25 members and guests gathered to celebrate Halloween wearing their finest costumes.  Kathy Corona and Pete and Linda Westray were our hosts for the event. Sharon Anderson and Carol Smith helped in the kitchen.    Joe and Gloria Brown did the decorating  and did a great job as usual.  The whole day went well and everyone had a good time. 

All the outside games were planned by Pete Westray.  We started off with the spider  roll which was won by Gloria Brown.  Following this there was a diagonal contest where the men rolled one direction and the women rolled from opposite corners.  The object was to have your bowl pass through a PVC frame.  Jack Bucey was the only man to pass his bowl through the frame and the women didn't have any of their bowls pass through so they decided to declare the closest the winner and that honor went to Donna Roberts.

 The game for the day was a position rotation triples 10 end game with a twist.  If you want to know the details just check with Pete Westray.  Prizes were awarded for high score. The winning team was Jack Bucey, CJ Juengst and Virgil Lockhart with 25 points.

The winning costume went to Conrad Bilodeau.   I would like to offer my choice for the ugliest to Virgil Lockhart.  His costume even came with a hand tremor.

After the games were completed we all retired to the club house to enjoy a delicious Mexican lunch planned and prepared by Kathy Corona.  Several others contributed salads and desserts.  As we were finnishing lunch Kathy organized and ran several games of Halloween Bingo.  There were many FABULOUS PRIZES awarded to the winners through out the day.

Afterwards some members stayed over to help clean up which is always appreciated.

Photos by Debi Wilson and Bob Smith

Thanks to Joe and Gloria Brown for all the decorating.

Kathy Corona
She did all the planning and food preparation

Carol Smith helped in the kitchen

Andy DiConti
Howdy pardner, I'm the Marchall here.

Pinky Palladino
She always asks that you identify her by her costume.
If you guessed HOLY GUACAMOLE  you were right.

Conrad Bilodeau, best costume

Andy DiConti and Debi Wilson

Ernie is asking Dick Gibson is he has seen Bert
Ernie aka Peter Westray

Ray Anderson " the shark " and one arm Sharon Anderson.

Jack Bucey "Doctor Evil" from the Psyco Ward

Jack Bucey and Bob Livermont.
Recently won the Vet Novice Pairs at MacKenzie Park.
What's this world coming to?

Virgil Lockhart
He decided not to come in costume!

Bob Livermont and Bob Smith
The old Navy and the present Navy

Gloria Brown wins the spider roll off.

Bob and Carol Smith

Debi Wilson
She is "IN A LEAGUE OF HER OWN",  batter up!

The men waiting their turn at the diagonal roll off.

The women's diagonal roll off.
Once during the contest the men's and women's bowls hit in the middle of the green. very unusual.

Raul Perez
dia de los muertos

Lunch time
We played several games of Halloween Bingo while finishing lunch.

pumpkin line