Halloween Fun Day
OCTOBER  31, 2018

large pumpkin



On a sunny  day with a light Santa Ana wind blowing cross ways to the green 37 members and guests gathered to celebrate Halloween wearing their finest costumes.  Ron and Joan Dawson were our hosts for the event.  Ken and Susan Paddock showed up early and did the set up.  Joe and Gloria Brown did the decorating  and did a great job as usual.  The whole day went well and everyone had a good time. 

 We started off with the spider  roll which was won by Patty Berry.  After the spider roll off we gathered for a group picture.  The game for the day was a regular luck of the draw triples 10 end game with a twist.  In addition to regular scoring any touchers also counted in the score and each player kept count of their own touchers.  Prizes were awarded for the player with the most touchers.  1st place went to Stuart, our visitor from England, with 6 touchers.  Sandy Rankin also had 6 touchers.  To break the tie, it was the winning team with the most points -- Stuart's won with 21 vs Sandy's team with 15 points.  Marie Moore, Kathy Corona and Mike Basler each had 4 touchers.

We didn't have a costume judging contest this year .  I would like to offer my choice for the most original to Jack Bucey.  He was made up as a -- what else, a JACK.  With a jack this large how big do the bowls have to be?   There were many good costumes and judging would have been a very difficult job.

After the games were completed we all retired to the club house to enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by our hosts Ron and Joan.  Afterwards some members stayed over to help clean up which is always appreciated.

Photos by Debi Wilson, Gloria Brown and Bob Smith

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Our Day Planner

Jack Bucey, a jacks life

Art and Donna Roberts

Marie Moore

Ken Roth, the Campbell Soup Kid

Gloria Brown, Jack Bucey, Joe Brown

Andy DiConti, our Club Distinguished Secretary and Man About Town

Sal Mollo (scareface) and Rosie the Riveter Debi Wilson

Mike and Julie Basler with Gloria Brown

Bert Weingart, Hi Bert

Raul Perez and Dick Gibson, a nice looking couple.

Sisters Barbara Parkhurst, Marie Moore and Sandy Rankin

The Gangs All Here

pumpkin line