Halloween Fun Day
OCTOBER  30, 2017

large pumpkin



On a cloudy  day 40 members and guests gathered to celebrate Halloween wearing their finest costumes.  Joe and Gloria Brown were our hosts for the event , however when Gloria fractured her leg at the last minute Pinky Palladino with the help of Carol Smith took over to keep things together.  Joe and Gloria did the decorating  and did a great job as usual.  The whole day went well and everyone had a good time. 

After the group picture was taken we started off with the spider  roll which was won by Ken Roth.  Teams were chosen by luck of the draw with the score determined by using a tin can with a yard stick.  By this method both teams can score points in each end.  Th triples game was won by Jordan Austin, Herb Smith and Pat Zenone.  Pairs won by Bob Smith and Andy DiConti and the Cutthroat by Randy Juengst.

Our costume judges chose Mike Basler as having the scarest costume,  (the creeper) and the other prize went to Jack Bucey with the most original.   Jack was a snake oil salesman. There were many good costumes and judging is a difficult job.

After lunch Pinky organized a diagonal roll where your bowl needed to pass through a wicket on the far end.  The men rolled on a longer course than the women that rolled on the opposite diagonal.  Each player put in one dollar and rolled four bowls in rotation with the others in their group. It sounds easy but you have to try this yourself. The winners were Pete Westray for the men with two bowls going through.  Sandy Rankin won for the ladies with three bowls through.  Sandy was in a final playoff with Bert Weingart with two bowls each.  Sandy finally took it with one more pass through.

Photos by Debi Wilson and Bob Smith

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Jack Bucey (snake oil salesman) and Doug Dow, our newest Honorary Member.

Debi Wilson, all dolled up.

Ken Roth, Conrad Bilodeau and Pete Westray

Debi Wilson, Marquita Otineru, Linda Westray and Donna Roberts

"Dr" Ken Roth with patient Gloria Brown.  Actually the crutches are not a costume prop.
Gloria fractured her leg shortly before the Fun Day.  Some people will go to any length for a costume.

Nurse Feelgood, aka Carol Smith with Dr. Fix-It, aka Bob Smith

Ron and Pat Zenone

Mike Basler (the creeper).  He really played the part.

Strawberry picker Randy Juengst, Dr Fix-It Bob, Denny Ryan with bugs on his shirt (don't bug me!), Bert Weingart and Dee Press.

Sandra Adame, Bat Woman of course.

You have all seen the commercial on TV, the My Pillow salesman.  His real name if Jordan Austin.

My Deer, Marquita Otineru, one of our newest members.  "Don't Shoot"

Bob Smith and Sandy Islas.  Sandy is just finishing bowling lessons.

Ken Roth won the spider roll off.  He actually used the bowl at his feet.

Pete Westray won the diagonal contest for the men.

Sandy Rankin won the diagonal contest for the ladies.  Sandy narrowly edged out Bert Weingart
in the playoff.  Bert is a new novice who was given lessons from Sandy.  Looks like Sandy is a good instructor.

pumpkin line