Emiko Terada Jackson

April 10, 1927 - January 22, 2021


Emiko Terada Jackson passed away peacefully at the age of 93 on January 21, 2021 at home of complications from COVID 19.  Born in Osaka, Japan, the only child of Yasukichi Mitsunaga and Chayo Yamaguchi.  She moved to the U.S. on December 16, 1953 after marrying Samuel Paul Jackson.   Sam served 12 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, Master Sergant.  He retired at Port Hueneme, Civil Service and sadly passed away on April 7, 1987.

Emiko's life was full of challenges and achievements.  Emiko left Japan, family and friends in 1953.  She embraced the Amrican language and culture.   She was a devoted stay - at - home mom.  She learned to speak and write English,  was  wonderful cook, loved sewing, knitting and gardening.  She became a naturalized American citizen on March 1, 1968.  After raising her seven children Emiko became a professional florist and an accomplished artist in Japanese silk screen painting.  She traveled throughout the world, loved lawn bowling and ballroom dancing.  Emiko joined the Oxnard Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club in 1992 and was a member on and off through 2008.  Although she was petite, she wouldn't be pushed around.  She will be remembered as fiercely independent and a feisty woman.

Emiko will be greatly missed by her seven children.  In rememberance of Emiko, do something kind for an elderly person.  Be gratrful and try to make the most of each moment of every day.

Article  from Ventura County Star